9% Corporate Tax +0% Local Business Tax

Hungary has the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe. Only 9%. In addition, Companies must pay Local Business Tax, the rate of which is usually 2% but varies by municipality. Our company offers Headquarters services and other support services in settlements where this tax is 0%, so we can provide more cost-effective operation for our clients.

4-5 days company establishment time

In most cases, the registration of a company is not a lengthy procedure. In the framework of the so-called simplified company procedure, if model contracts are used under the Act, the deadline for registration by the court of registration is one working day.

Within this deadline, the company court must make the order on the registration, or the order rejecting the registration application, and deliver it to the company’s legal representative. In Hungary, everything can be done online with the electronic signature of a lawyer or notary.

However, for this, you should definitely pay attention to the following:

  • personal documents must be valid
  • The occupancy of the chosen company must be checked
  • identify owner(s) and manager(s)
  • the fields of activity must be selected

Complex company services

The motto of our company is: company services from a single source. In other words, we offer solutions for our foreign clients in all areas that may be necessary for the establishment and operation of the company in Hungary. From registered office services, through company representation to tax and legal services, we offer expert support to our clients in many areas.

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