Headquarter office service

The Headquarter office services are a flexible and cost-effective solution for companies who do not need permanent office space, however they need an official address and an additional service that belongs with it. The provision and use of headquarters office services is determined by various legal regulations, which is constantly monitored by us in accordance with the legislation, and of course We carry out our all activities in strict compliance with these legal conditions. Our office in Csomád is located in a settlement where you do not have to pay local business tax, so you can save considerable costs. Elsewhere in Hungary, the rate of local business tax is generally 2%.

Delivery agent service

If someone wants to establish a company in Hungary,

however, the foreign natural or legal person (company) indicated in the registration application does not have a residence in Hungary, the delivery agent must be indicated in the registration application. The delivery agent can be either an organization with its headquarters in Hungary or a natural person with permanent residence. Our company undertakes, in accordance with the legal requirements, to receive the documents to be served on the foreign person and forward them to the client.

Company establishment Service

As we know from our experience so far that establishing a company in another country involves a lot of inconvenience and requires multiple personal presences. We can provide three solutions for our prospective clients in this regard.

Company formation

We undertake to  participate in the coordination of tasks related to company formation with the help of our experts. If necessary, in the preparation of translations, legal and economic consulting related to company establishment..

Management services

Our company undertakes to represent the company as company manager vis-à-vis third parties (natural and legal persons), authorities and courts. As a senior executive, we participates in the performance of tasks related to company establishment.

Sale of Hungarian-founded companies

One of the easiest ways to become the owner of a Hungarian company, as well as to create a subsidiary, is to buy an existing company founded in Hungary. Through our strategic partners, we can help you with this intention, whether from an already operating company or a newly established company. Furthermore, if necessary we can provide management services in this case as well.

TAX advice

If a company is doing business abroad, it is especially important to be aware of tax and financial regulations to ensure that your business runs smoothly.
In addition to all this, you can optimize your costs with the help of the appropriate tax policy. Our experts are also at your disposal in this area.

Legal services

In addition to taxation, another fundamental area that needs special attention is the legal environment. In order for your business to be successful in another country, you must be familiar with the legislation applicable to your activity and the legal standards that are specific to that country. Through our legal partners, we provide the appropriate legal background for your business in Hungary.

Accounting finance services

We provide a variety of accounting and financial services tailored specifically to the needs of our foreign clients. Whether it is accounting, preparing balance sheet and income statement or accounting regulations, or providing an auditor. Among our financial services you will find everything you need to operate your business in Hungary.

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