We Introduced our new appointment booking interface!

When we launched our services with Company Assistant Service Ltd. years ago, our goal was to provide high-quality services with our prospective clients in the center. That is, such a level of Services which really make everyday life easier for businesses.

Think like a customer, this is our business strategy. We believe that this is the way we can be successful. Over the years, we have been in constant contact with our customers. We talked to them, assessed their needs, tried to integrate it into our processes at system level, and to adapt the composition of our services to meet the constantly changing legal and economic environment. As a result, in recent years, we introduced A CMR system at our company, with the help of which we can improve our efficiency by automating some of our processes and raise our services to a much higher level.

One of the tangible results of this for our customers is the appointment booking interface, with the help of which they can simply enter with a few clicks when they would like to come for their shipments or use other services. And the system will automatically send for our customers an email about the reservation, and even a reminder will be sent to the email address for them provided the day before your appointment.
In addition to the professionality, our company also wishes to be at the forefront of the application of information technology among Headquarters service providers. In the near future, we will continue to automate our processes and introduce more services to help customers manage their businesses more easily.

prepared by Company Assistant Service Kft.