• Why Hungary?

    Lowest Corporate Tax in Europe (9%).

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  • Why Hungary?

    Easy and Fast Company modification.

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    Establish or Buy your Hungarian company with us and get up to 20% off!

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    We can Help for Business immigration:
    The process of getting Hungarian residency by opening a company is business immigration.

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    Complex Company Services

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  • Our service

    Complex Company Services:

    Strategic cooperation with a tax consultant and legal office.

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As a customer-oriented company, we constantly strive to serve our customers at the highest possible level. My colleagues and I believe that we can creating an inter-company ecosystem that exploits their synergies will help not only us but our customers to be success full as well.

I have several years of successful entrepreneurial and company management experience. I know the problems, challenges, pitfalls, or everyday tasks that challenge an entrepreneur.

Tamas Preiss
CEO, Owner

Previously, I gained experience as a system developer at companies with various profiles. Based on these experiences, my goal is to increase the efficiency of the company and the customer experience.

Laszlo Borbas
Managing director

Customer reviews

Damien DockeryDamien Dockery
07:07 29 Apr 24
Anna PetruszAnna Petrusz
06:44 17 Apr 24
Roland PallaRoland Palla
09:12 16 Apr 24
all is well
Slavoczky LászlóSlavoczky László
13:36 15 Apr 24
Really reliable company!
Arpad RaczArpad Racz
11:21 15 Apr 24
Very helpful team, good service.Very helpful team, good service.
Péter TörökPéter Török
12:22 12 Apr 24
I am satisfied with the fast, precise work and the flexibility.
Melinda NémethMelinda Németh
12:12 12 Apr 24
The CASS team is correct and very helpful. They solve everything and handle and forward correspondence professionally. Last but not least, they provide an economical solution in business taxation.
11:05 12 Apr 24
Correct service, I've been using them since I opened my business!
Gergő SzilágyiGergő Szilágyi
11:51 28 Feb 24
Quality headquarters service in a business tax-free settlement, with premium services.

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